Finally! An easy and fun way to implement Chores without the guesswork of how to do it and what to use.
The Chores Toolkit Bundle!
ONLY $10 today!
Let's face it... chores are not our children's favorite thing to do!

That is why I decided to create a Chores Toolkit Bundle that will give you all of the tools you need to not only implement a Chores Schedule but do it effectively.

With this Chores Bundle Toolkit, you will receive a 10-Page PDF containing:

Step-by-Step Instructions 

Chores and Allowance Master List

Chore Chart (Daily/Weekly Tracker)  

Reward Systems Guide 

50 Reward Ideas 

My Reward Ideas Brainstorm Page 

Chore Bucks Cutouts ($1, $3, $5,$10)

No-Chores Coupon Cutouts (1-Day, 3-Day, 5-Day)

Think about it...

NO more wondering what age-appropriate chores you should assign to your kids.... because the Age-Appropriate Master List will give you suggestions based on their age. 
 NO more asking them a million times if they completed their chores for the day... because they will have a beautiful Printable Chore Chart they (and you) can track their daily/weekly chores in.
NO more excuses for not doing their chores, either... because with the Rewards System included in this Bundle they will be so excited to get everything done in time. Oh and, the better they behave, the more chances of winning the No-Chore Coupons also included in this Toolkit.
So, YES! Let's reclaim our sanity and implement chores the easy way!

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